Georgie Starts Over

Mental Health | Well-being | Self-care

I’m Georgie

Join me on a therapeutic journey to mental health recovery, well being and self-love.

Having experienced mental health difficulties and an eating disorder for over ten years, I’m raising awareness and documenting my highs, lows, wins and losses whilst hoping to enlighten along the way.

I cover topics including anxiety, seeking support, eating difficulties, therapy, mindfulness and how to calm a racing mind.

After seeing so many signs and symbols around me pointing me towards starting over, recharging and taking some time out, I decided to start this blog and a new Instagram channel, diarizing my life and learning. Please take a look at my posts on the blog page.

I really hope that reading my opinions, experiences and musings helps you on your own paths.

Take care and be kind to yourself.

Georgie x

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